Sketches for the "Morning Star" Mural

by Lucia Wiley

Inside the treasure box that Karen sent, I found these tiny pictures of sketches that Lucia had done for her "Morning Star" mural 50 years ago. I was fascinated by their religious qualities. One has what appears to be a nativity scene at its center, in another people seem to be carrying a cross, in some of them, figures in robes huddle together as if praying or chanting. All of the sketches look like triptychs. They made me see the finished mural in a different way. So I scanned these tiny photos and gave them a home here. -jb, 1 February 1999

morning star sketch 1   morning star sketch 5

morning star sketch 4   morning star sketch 2

morning star sketch 3   morning star sketch 6

images © the estate of Lucia Wiley; used by permisson

the building of the morining star

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