A Life in Art and Spirituality

  Dance of Angels by Sr. Lucia Wiley Dance of Angels
by Sr Lucia Wiley, CHS
ink and watercolor, 1992

"In any great visual experience, whether it's in nature or in art or in music or any other form in which there is a transcending experience, there's always a bursting of light...." from Lucia Wiley and Light

Welcome to the life and art of Sr. Lucia Wiley, a muralist and painter who often worked in fresco. This site was first put on the Web in December, 1997, and since then many new people have been touched by Sr. Lucia's art. She was especially excited about having this opportunity to share her work and spiritual feelings with anyone who stopped by. The (no longer used) guestbook was periodically printed out and given to her. And she marveled at all the wonderful comments and email she received.

photograph of Sr. Lucia Wiley
Sr. Lucia Wiley

Our tour begins with a chronology of her work and achievements. Then you should have a look at her mural the Building of the Morning Star and the Catalog of images from throughout her career, including art she made after she joined the Community of the Holy Spirit, an Episcopal order in New York City.

We also have a separate website that includes a presentation of Sr. Lucia's fresco technique, along with some biographical material in her own words. This project has been funded by the Thanks Be to Grandmother Winifred Foundation.

This website can be seen here: The Art and Nature of Fresco Painting by Sr. Lucia Wiley

We hope you enjoy this celebration of the life and art of this beloved spirit.

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